More AR HMD News – Laster Technologies

I’ve been trying to get information from Laster Technologies on their AR glasses for about half a year.  Then today, a little video popped up on YouTube showcasing their glasses.  I don’t know much more about them other than what’s shown in the video, and I suspect the visuals we’re seeing on screen aren’t what you’d see through the glasses.

But it is the first sighting of them beyond product pages on the website, so I’m thrilled to pass it along.

Laster’s Augmented Reality “Pro Mobile Display”

Ahh… augmented reality see-through HMD, how you tease me so…

Maybe I’m a cynical twice-burned jilted lover but I feel I’ve been here before. Thankfully, I fall in love again so easily.

Laster Technologies “Pro Mobile Display” has me intrigued enough for a lunch date at least and the company lists the PMD as a currently available product.  Though its approximately $10,000 price and bulky appearance is a bit prohibitive for the everyday user.  I contacted the company for specs on the PMD, but I won’t bother with them here since the price alone will keep all but the most dedicated away.  And really, if you’re going to spend ten grand on some AR glasses, you’ll be inquiring yourself.

The company rep also said they’ll be releasing a pair of fashionable AR see-through glasses called SmartVision later this year.  The product looks like the ones shown in this picture:

The initial release price will be similar to the PMD, though they say they are working on industrializing them to reach a price point of around $500 US.  This would put them in reach of the high-end consumer which would be enough to get the ball rolling in my book, though that would be years away.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but I am encouraged that they had a working model already available in the PMDs, just not that worthy of wearing on a regular basis.  The reality is that they could become vaporware just as easily as it could become a product, but at least it’s another horse in the race.  I’ll keep my eyes pealed and keep you posted if anything else pops up.