2008 Wrap up: Top 5 Augmented Reality Holiday Greetings

’tis the season for best wishes, and nothing shows your real feelings better than an augmented reality greeting card.

Here are the top 5 AR holiday greetings of 2008.

5. Happy Holidays from Tellart

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you want to try it yourself – go to Tellart

Thanks Makezine for sharing.

4. Virtual Santa from Metaio on your iPhone

Download from the App store or see the whole story at Metaio.com

Thanks Jan for sharing.

3. A XMAS card from Special Moves

Try it yourself at specialmoves.com

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks Ian Tait for sharing.

2. Augmented Reality Christmas Cookies

This one was the coolest, but unfortunately the video was removed from youtube by the user.

Just imagine cookies that when viewed through the AR software web cam show 3d objects floating on top…

Thanks ARtweets for sharing.

1. AID DCC and Katamari

Step 1: Print this
Step 2: Go to www09.aid-dcc.com
Step 3: Enjoy

Thanks Digital Stew for uncovering.


Total Immersion just came out with their own New Year AR Greeting Card

Funky AR christmas greetings accompanied with latin-rap

***yet another update***

This time a Valentine greetings card by the folks from teh Warehouse