Total Immersion Brings Augmented Reality to TomorowCity Todaytomorrow

Total Immersion (TI) may not be at the center of the Augmented Reality (AR) browsers frenzy these days – but when it comes to delivering AR on a large scale – it’s still the 800 pound gorilla.

Nicolas Bapst, responsible for Product Marketing for Amusement Parks at TI – recently shared with me their latest achievements: a totally new kind of interactive 3D live show and an AR goggles experience The Networked City developed for TomorrowCity in South Korea .

The 3D live show is based on TI’s 3D Live Show technology (naming coincidence?):

…a very innovative and interactive screen movie production…This show introduces the U-city in a spectacular method and the audience can participate directly in the story performance.

With the new offering from Total Immersion, spectators share the stage with virtual live performers, playing a guessing game around what’s real and what’s not.

3D interactive 1 TI

3D interactive show 2 TI

See the hilarious video on TI’s site

The 3D live show is not all TI had up its sleeve for the U-city. A second project, involving augmented reality (AR) goggles is: the Networked City

The networked city TITo the naked eye, the exhibit looks like a bare bones model of a city. But when visitors put on the special AR goggles a whole new world unfolds – as graphics overlaid on the city model.

How does this new world looks like?

Can’t say…no video of the exhibit was released so far.

Until then, you’ll have to travel to South Korea to see for yourself…

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