Top Mobile Devices Compete for Augmented Reality Puissance

One of the most popular posts on this blog has been, and still is, my “Top 10 Augmented Reality Devices“.

Based on the feedback, you appreciated the condensed collection of various categories of devices, as well as the suggested criteria for evaluating upcoming devices. What you were missing is a practical head to head comparison of the top devices.

So ,here it is: the (mostly) complete, (roughly) unbiased, and accurate (at best) comparison of the top mobile devices for high end augmented reality.

How do you become a high-end AR device?

If you’re snug in my hand, have the power to track natural features and objects in live video, while interacting with the overlaid 3D graphics at 24 fps — and all looking good on the display – welcome to the high end club.

Now, take a deep breath, click…and dive right ahead: 5 devices, 22 criteria, rated from bad->fair->good->excellent, with no frills.

Contribution by Daniel Wagner

No big winners on this list.

Some have to be hacked to do AR; some might not see the light of day; others don’t even have cameras.

[What in the world are MIDs with no cameras doing on the list, you ask?

Patience my friends. The MIDs are coming. They will have cameras in no time.]

Have you seen any better high end device?

Should Nokia sneak up there?

What would you like to see next on the list?

3 Responses

  1. No, I think you covered everthing that would come to my mind. Cant think of anything left off.

    Rearly so, its a sad state of affairs with this lot high-end, and most either not having a camera or proper video support.
    Its no wonder the Gizmondo is still be used so much in AR circles.

    I wonder if theres any high-end AR tech that isnt designed for mass-market. Milatary or industrial use’s.

  2. […] So far, we have been hitchhiking “lesser evils” such as described in my “Top Mobile Devices Compete“ […]

  3. Coucou les gens quel est votre point de vue de mon nouveau blog sur le diagnostic immobilier?

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