Get High on Reality

It’s not what you’re thinking…

In my pursuit of the ultimate augmented reality experience I have stumbled upon many slogans, some good:

Then, I hit one slogan I was not expecting.

But before I tell you about it: Did you know Elvis once reached out to Nixon in order to help him combat communism, drugs, hippies and…The Beatles?

Presley was going to work on a new vigilant rock musical and came up with the slogan: Get high on life.

I didn’t believe it as well, until I saw it on the History channel.

First I was shocked.

Then I had this scary thought: what if we slightly modify it to inspire the augmented reality movement?

Young and old spend countless hours in front of the screen, comforting their brains with games’  reward mechanism.

From a brain function perspective – it is not fundamentally different from the way the brain works to satisfy an addiction…

***We interrupt this post to bring you breaking news  from Pew Internet***


  • 53% of US citizens over 18 play video games, with 21% playing every day or almost every day.
  • 81% of the 18-29 demographic play
  • as do 23% aged 65+ (wow)
  • 76% of students play video games

***Back to our post***

So, there you have it: instead of getting high in virtual worlds – we say go out and play (with AR) and Get high on Reality.

Did I just said that!?

One Response

  1. Pretty good, but maybe not specific enough that your adding too reality.

    For my old contact concept (

    I used the phrase “Because reality is not enough!” as a slogan. Which is kinda my thinking on the mater :p

    Some simerla phrase’s from tv/games that might be suitable;

    “See beyond this reality” (Eternal Darkness)
    “Better then life” (Read Dwalf)

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