IGC East: What I Learned About The Game Industry in Boston

On a train from New York to IGC East (Independent Game Conference) in Boston.
The forests along the tracks are blooming yet foggy – I wonder what’s in store at the first ever IGC on the east coast.

The day is structured into 2 tracks: business-oriented as well as developer talks; the highlight of the day is expected to be the demo session, where east coast indies show off their babies for the first time.
I may attempt to do the same.

In my pursuit of the ultimate augmented reality experience, I review the agenda; I am predictably shocked not to find any augmented reality talks.

I miss the keynote (damn trains…) and join the business track mid way with Aaron Murray’s session about the ins and outs of MMOs.

Law and IP session gets into the nuts and bolts of IP protection and licensing content. Some folks get a kick out of it.

Next I learn from Brett Close,  the secretive CEO of 38Studios, about “How To Build Games, Make Your Company Successful And Still Have a Life” 3 noble causes all stringed into one sentence. I get it – it’s not an oxymoron, if you have the right size pockets, or extra patience.

A panel of branding experts from the game industry – beautifully orchestrated by Jeffrey Anderson from Quick Hit – provide tips and strategies for managing your brand.
I use the opportunity to pick Amy L. Brosius‘ brain about how to evolve your brand with the bite-size apps of the iPhone world. Hint: make it simple, short…or bite size…

The sessions end with an activity. Not just any activity, a social change activity. The participants join an effort to transform the lives of unfortunate members of the community – by designing games!
results will be sent tp the participants. I can’t wait.
Dan Roy represents Games4Change and leads the charge. Don’t miss their Festival this month in NYC.

Now for the cherry on top: demo night.

The room is packed with enthusiastic developers showing off their off springs on laptops. Some pretty creative stuff, but I have no time to dig deeper.

One guy, stands next to a corner table, but on the table there’s nothing but a printed image. The guy is waving a mobile camera phone. You guessed it – it’s yours truly, showing off a prototype of his company’s upcoming  augmented reality game. It will be launched this summer on the iPhone app store.  Attendees are wowed. He enjoyes the positive feedback. Curtains. The end.

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