Augmented Reality at Where 2.0

A video of the mobile reality panel at last week’s Where 2.0 conference, featuring Raven Zachary ( Mok Oh (EveryScape Inc.) Will Carter (Nokia Research Center Hollywood) Ori Inbar (Pookatak Games, Inc.) Anthony Fassero (earthmine, inc.).
Though Ori is the only one showing any real AR examples, and readers of this blog probably have already seen them, I still think it’s worth while to watch:

Ori, your accent is much better than what you had us believe.

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  1. Ori – I think your point from the discussion about doing what we can right now was the most important one. You can’t learn anything from planning. One thing I’ve learned from my years on the Toyota production floor is to get out there and start making mistakes. It’s the best way to learn.

    And humans use visual cues for 75% of communication, so visualization is important. Back to my Toyota experience, we require reports to be made into one sheet of paper with as little words as possible. This way the information can be understood at a glance.

    And I agree about the accent, Rouli.

  2. Absolutely agreed.
    We need to do NOW so we can learn, even if its just learning how not to do stuff.

    I think theres a lot of existing standards that can be used too. IRC communications, KML models, QRbarcodes…..lots of componants out there already.

    Why not, for example just use QRbarcodes that point to a url containing a mesh file, thats aligned to the barcode as a model? Surely thats a basic standard that would do for generic AR model viewing?

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  4. I would like to know where that medical and plumbing video came from.

    I’ve seen pictures of that medical one, but I haven’t found the actual video of it. Pretty neat!

    OT: good talk. I like the conclusion about how (new) design patterns are going to have to be (re)thought off. It might make for some new design specialisations (like we got interaction/usability designers now, maybe we’ll get AR designers?). I foresee some guru’s will rise up and lead and inspire the cavalry.

    And I agree with ori, investers will get it soon enough when a concept like MScape (roku’s reward) will get released by the public. There’s so much in development atm, and enthousiasts are experimenting wildly (thanks to FLARToolkit in Februari I reckon).

    The times they ar a-changing! :)

  5. For reference to the videos presented see post “11 industries reinvented with AR” at

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