Has Augmented Reality Arrived to the iPhone ?

Fellow augmented reality enthusiasts!

Checkout the news in the iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 SDK (you need to login.)

It may treasure what we’ve all been waiting for. The elusive API. The holy access to  live video on the iPhone.

We will never know if the Open Letter to Apple had any dent on Apple’s decision to introduce the new APIs – but for a moment – we are blissful.

By tomorrow we’ll know for sure if it works. What ever the outcome, at least we made a lot of friends and discovered a swarm of AR developers eager to bring the augmented reality experience to the masses.

Thank you all for the overwhelming response!

And let me challenge you:

The first to confirm the above theory will be indicted to

Games Alfresco’s Hall of Fame.

Thanks Mike for the tip!

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9 Responses

  1. I’m doubtful, Ori, assuming I’ve seen the same information you have (I’m downloading now, so I don’t know any more than you).

    And, of course, by posting the above, you are violating apple’s beta NDA. Tsk Tsk. ;)

  2. (BTW, I should say: if nothing else, we are probably one step closer, so that’s good!)

  3. This must have been writter post-coffee.
    Kudos if this has, in fact, put the final piece in place.
    Keep me in the loop, and I’ll be checking back here to see.

  4. *cross’s figures and toes*

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  8. […] it’s almost comical to re-read the sometimes-frenzied excitement at the possibility that the iPhone will support AR with OS 3.1. The possibility was exciting, even to those of us not trying to keep a small company […]

  9. There are numerous myths ongoing around app development and normal people like you and I can succeed if we are able to put away our dreads and curl up our sleeves and get both feet and legs wet. Evenly as bad or worst is not having no idea as to where to start or the strategies to employ.

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