Has Augmented Reality Arrived to the iPhone ?

Fellow augmented reality enthusiasts!

Checkout the news in the iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 SDK (you need to login.)

It may treasure what we’ve all been waiting for. The elusive API. The holy access to¬† live video on the iPhone.

We will never know if the Open Letter to Apple had any dent on Apple’s decision to introduce the new APIs – but for a moment – we are blissful.

By tomorrow we’ll know for sure if it works. What ever the outcome, at least we made a lot of friends and discovered a swarm of AR developers eager to bring the augmented reality experience to the masses.

Thank you all for the overwhelming response!

And let me challenge you:

The first to confirm the above theory will be indicted to

Games Alfresco’s Hall of Fame.

Thanks Mike for the tip!

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