Pseudo AR Games FTW!

A short post to keep you warm while I’m working on a longer series of posts I hope you all find interesting. Anyway, just two days ago I wrote about Acrossair new shooting game, Virus Killer 360:

And I also mentioned iPhone ARKit, an interesting open source project to facilitate augmented reality development for the iPhone. What happens when you merge the two together? this –

It was created by a Japaneses developer going by the nickname mswar, by forking the iPhone ARKit source code and adding OpenGL and GPS geo-positioning. I don’t call it augmented reality, because it has nothing to do with our reality, but I do think it has a potential to supply some moments of fun.
More details here (in Japanese).

2 Responses

  1. Style wise, its like a AR shooter version of Okami :P

  2. hah, nifty… But like you said, not technically what we would call augmented reality.
    Seems more like a normal 3D graphics game, with the background taken out, and replaced with the video feed, and then moving around is simply controlled by how the camera thinks your moving.
    Maybe if it’s image recognition was more solid, and locked to the real world, and the presentation/content was a little better, one could call it an AR game. lol

    Cool either way i guess.

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