Social Networking at ISMAR 2009

Planning to attend ISMAR 09 the world’s best augmented reality event?

If you are…read on.

Not planning to attend? Visit our ISMAR page. Change your mind…and then read on.

Here is a message from Steve Stapleton – the general co-chair of ISMAR 2009 and the mastermind behind the plan to expand this year’s event beyond academia to the commercial world:

We want to capture the ISMAR 2009 experience in as many ways a possible and increase dialogue and discourse. We are planning to incorporate different social networking programs. What social networking tools do you use or prefer? Twitter, Yammer, YouTube, Flikr, DokoDare, Kooaba?

As part of our mobile guide, we will be using DokoDare as an experiment for wayfinding and networking at ISMAR 2009. We will be marking all the exhibits and providing markers for each attendees to help connect during the conference and after hours.

All ISMAR participants can sign up for the special ISMAR Mobile Social Network and Local Search service, called “DokoDare” and operated by Kaywa. We strongly recommend going to the below link and completing the short registration process to receive your personal QR code for use of this no cost ISMAR special feature. It is available to all registered attendees before, during and after ISMAR 09.


4 Responses

  1. haha, that’s funny. just got my personal QR-Shirt yesterday. :-) good idea, anyway!

  2. One day we will all be wearing them, only no one will be seeing the marker….

  3. technical writing course

  4. What is the most embarrassing thing youve ever done?

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