Mobilizy Previews Augmented Reality Navigation System

Yesterday, Mobilizy released a second press release this week – now for a brand new product for AR navigation: Wikitude Drive.

This PR blitz comes from the company behind the original AR browser Wikitude – as if saying – we don’t make noise, we make good products.

VentureBeat says it needs a car phone holder.

Bruce Sterling likes the soundtrack and the jazzy font choices (when the rubber augments the road).

Android Guys were intrigued by the team’s quote: “it was created out of curiosity.”

Rhymo from Layar twitted generously: “Watching Wikitude Drive video. Impressed!!”

And I say: with so much AR productivity apps I have much more free time – so can I PLAY a little AR with reality?

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  1. Does look pretty slick indeed.

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