Create Augmented Reality and Win Vuzix AR Goggles

A shift from focus on technology to content typically represents major progress in an emerging industry.

Are we there yet?

Seac02 is sponsoring this content creation contest:

Submit videos or images created using LinceoVR — if you still don’t have it installed, what are you’re waiting for? Download it now!

Get the most out of LinceoVR: both virtual reality and camera matching (aka augmented reality) modalities of LinceoVR are allowed. Express your creativity, there’s absolutely no limit to your digital content creation! Just a few examples, to let your imagination flow:

  • Industrial design images or videos;
  • Character animations images or videos;
  • Viral augmented reality images or videos;
  • Packaging design images or videos;
  • Viral marketing images or videos;
  • You name it.. :)

At the end of the public web voting period (30th of November 2009), the top ten voted works will have the right to be judged by our amazing jury. Don’t miss this opportunity, get the chance to know better the power of LinceoVR and to win a Vuzix iWear VR920+CamAr, a Canon PowerShot SX120 or a Logitech Fusion 9000 Pro!

This contest is worth participating for 2 reasons:

1) win a Vuzix iWear VR920 + CamAR

2) Be judged by a mouth watering collection of Italian first names: Andrea, Davide, Fausto, Michele, Antony, Francesco, and Fabio…

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