Virtual Makeup is not ready for Prime Time yet

Following video presents a cooperation between Korea’s drugstore Oliveyoung and Samsung (if Google Translate serves me right). Never mind it’s not applied in real time and requires user interaction, but does it increase your sales, making your customers look like clowns?

Well I guess it’s a step in the right direction, but probably the technology is not ready for prime time yet.

5 Responses

  1. I think its partly just bad settings.
    Half the opacity/intensity on that and it would look 4 times as good.

  2. Incidentaly, I noticed a virtual-mirror in episode 2 of “V”
    The aliens apparently have holographic mirrors which lets them try on cloths to see what the will look like on them.
    Clasic AR scenario really.

  3. Hi~ I’m a big fan of “gamesalfresco.” I’m really surprised to see this post.
    Cause I’ve worked on this project. There’re two AR applications in that kiosk, virtual makeup and AR information cube. I was involved mainly in the development of the AR information cube. You can take a look at it in the end of the movie clip.
    The video above was taken at the inital stage of the development to show how it works to customers. After adjusting some parameters, it now gives a much better look to users even though it does not give as natural a look as professional make-up artists would give. Still, I know it has a long way to go to deliver a great experience to customers.
    Anyway, I’m really HAPPY to see one of my applications here.

  4. Mang, it was my intention to diss you or Samsung. Remember, I only had the auto-translation of the short Korean text accompanying this video on youtube. I would be happy to post a new video that includes your improvements once you’ve got one.

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