Weekly Linkfest

Another week passed by, and here we are again, at the weekly linkfest. Today on the linkfest:

This week’s video is of a photo booth at Las Vegas that lets you try different hats. I just find this guy’s reactions really funny (and the augmentation is quite good) [via DMfO]

Have a great week!

4 Responses

  1. -sigh-
    “cant watch video in my country due to copyright restrictions”

  2. It’s a retaliation for not letting me watch BBC nature shows from my country!

  3. Darkflame and rouli haven’t look up spoofing your IP address or using a proxy server. You should have no problems watching anything you want.

  4. Free proxi severs for video are nearly none existant.
    And its just not worth paying.
    Actually there is one way around it (hotspot shield) but I try to use it sparingly as I don’t want that getting blocked too ;)

    Dont see why this video is restricted at all though… copywrited music perhaps?

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