First Augmented Building Spotted in Japan

Augmenting reality using the GPS&Compass combo has become very popular in 2009, and has decent accuracy when used to augment distant big objects such as buildings. However, it won’t be terribly useful for augmenting specific floors within a building.

Japanese Qosmo and Teradadesign Architects to the rescue. By covering the facade of Tokyo’s N Building with giant QR codes, they were able to display store information and even tweets, linked to their source from within the building. It’s cooler than my lame description, check out the video:

More details at Nao Tokui’s blog (Qosmo’s CEO). Via PSFK.

3 Responses

  1. surely it should only need markers at the corners :?

  2. QR Code is neither new nor surprising, but this is a creative way for interaction designs. It just needs QR capability and Twitter geotagging function – both definitely are not high-tech stuff. I think it will be fun if they replace those QR Codes by LED blinkers!

  3. whoops…I didnt see it was one big QR code, I thought it was lots of small markers >_<
    silly me.

    Perhaps you could have a light blinking instead at a certain colour and frequency. Combined with gps to give rough location that might allow you to have the same sort of geolocation without such massive markers?
    Couldnt use standard software for that though.

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