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Normally, I’ll wait with this kind of news till the weekly linkfest. But, hey, then I’ll miss on this scoop (and I’m really hoping this will get me a Pulitzer!). Zugara, makers of the Fashionista application and ZugSTAR, have just released an iPhone application aimed at providing you with the latest augmented reality news.

Named ARWire, this app gives you access to major augmented reality blogs and AR related twitter users (yes, I’m there :)), as well as to zugara’s AR group over at Facebook.

They offer an ad supported free version, and a premium version that I can’t quite locate on the appstore. Now, where are my royalties?

2 Responses

  1. Would they carry an anti-Zugara AR site? Like e.g. If not, the app is worthless. Thanks for listening.

  2. Rouli – thanks for the coverage!

    Dennis – Thanks for your note. The blogs that are in the app are not for nor against zugara. They cover AR, and we have nothing to do with the content that they contain (except for “we are organized chaos” which is our blog). If they write a post about us that isn’t complimentary, it will still show up in the app. In fact, these blogs were chosen because the editors at alltop have already earmarked them as the blogs to read if you’re in to AR. And, the same with the tweets. We have no editorial oversight into what is and isn’t posted. It all goes up and into the app…

    If you have more questions, you can find me at:

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