Weekly Linkfest

It’s Sunday, and it’s time for another weekly linkfest:

  • Tish Shute has a short interview with Sims creator (though I’ll always remember him for Simcity) Will Wright. Highlights:
    • “our senses are set up to know how to filter out 99% of what is coming into them. That is why they work, and that is what is beneficial. I think that is why AR needs to focus on”
    • “definitely one of our strong interests is AR.”
  • And there’s a short video interview with Christine Perey.
  • Mydeco.com and Dassault Systems launched a new iPhone app to let you try out virtual furniture in your home (see my AR in 2010 – a look indoors post for similar applications).
  • Now that you have found the right furniture, you can look for the right partner, using AR, of course.
  • Gizmodo dug out a nostalgic “mobile” AR implementation.
  • Doritos Brazil has another AR campaign, but this time it features the largest marker ever.
  • Infiniti uses old AR tricks to sell its G model.

The weekly video is not exactly a demo of an augmented reality system, but it relates well to other projected interfaces we have featured previously. It’s made by Microvision, and it’s pretty cool (as long as you don’t have any furniture, rugs or ceiling lamps in your room) [via ecademy.com]:

Have a nice week!

2 Responses

  1. That’s pretty cool, but man. That so much reminds me of the DIY Game Gunner guy. I think he must have inspired them. They should hire him. I bet he could make it for cheaper:

  2. great stuff, both of them!
    Think I prefer the screen based one…not sure why though.

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