Weekly Linkfest

Today, I’m limiting myself to six bullet points or less, let’s see how it goes:

I made it! (though I’ve cheated with that second bullet point, and left Total Immersion’s AR Luke Skywalker out (oh, I’ve cheated again!). Anyway, here’s a nice interview with Robert Scoble about Junaio and AR in general. Apparently Scoble doesn’t think AR is disruptive but fancy it a lot.

Have a great week!

2 Responses

  1. Some neat work, but for haptics I dont see any real use for physical/virtual interaction like that. Seems strange to have virtual controls at all if you have real ones anyway :? Maybe I am missing something.
    Obviously , AR information overlays are helpfull, but I dont think the controlls are.

    No, I think what we need (if its needed) its cheaper versions of full haptic feedback gloves;
    Of course, you wouldn’t get “texture” sensation, but resistance and pressure are possible to simulate….just not “slickly”.

  2. Wish I was there at SXSW having so much fun.

    I think AR will definitely disrupt the practice of making signage and the other spaces of legibility-in-wayfinding. The NYC Subway that Robert mentions was a great example. Maybe a city decides it doesn’t have to provide the same kind of printed info on a sign, because people are suddenly using AR. Or ‘Online’ dating which will quickly turn into something else entirely.

    It will also change local business and tourism. When a visitor can have just as much (or more) realtime info about a space as a local, then things get weird.

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