Augmented Reality in Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is an interactive drama video game developed by Quantic Dream for the PlayStation 3.  One of the characters in the game, Norman Jayden, uses “Added Reality Glasses” to rapidly investigate crime scenes, analyze evidence, or just waste time.  The following videos show examples of the ARI in the game.

Main Trailer (2 minutes)

Wasting Time (2 minutes)

The Augmented Office (4 minutes)

3 Responses

  1. Weird choice of awkward name.
    Where they scared augmented reality was trademarked ? :P
    Or thought “augmented” was too complex a word.

  2. I thought so too. Or maybe they’d never heard of Augmented Reality? Added, altered, augmented… it’s all the same thing. :)

  3. […] Thomas put together an overview of the parts of the new grown-up gaming experience Heavy Rain, where you can see the AR technology, I mentioned before. […]

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