The First Fun Augmented Reality Game on the iPhone App Store Was Just Submitted

Since September 2009, we have seen many quasi-augmented reality (AR) games on the iphone, some fun concept AR games (on other platforms and devices with no real commercial distribution).

Today I had the pleasure to play the first truly fun, truly AR game on the iphone – and I loved it.

It’s called AR Defender, developed by the talented team and our good friends at Int13.

With close to 30 frames per second – it’s a huge achievement from a technical perspective (even though they are using their proprietary marker).

And it’s looks great. The game play is a mix between a simple table top game, and a typical to Tower of Defense game, nicely adapted for the AR experience. Few seconds into the game you forget you are aiming at a marker and get immersed into the game play – wow!

That together with the fact it’s available on the app store may lead to commercial success that we haven’t seen before with an AR game.

This is VERY encouraging, because Games Are The Killer App For Augmented Reality.

Check it out:

The game should be approved by Apple soon – so when it does – try it and let us know what you think!

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  2. The Look-Up Experience on youtube

  3. […] ARDefender, which Ori described as the first fun AR game for the iPhone, is finally available on the […]

  4. Look-Up: Augmented Reality space game


    UFO over Times Square:

    The Look-Up Experience:

  5. […] 有需要定位点的游戏像是 AR Defender,以及不需要定位点的 许多AR游戏 ,我比较有兴趣的是后者。如果虚拟宝物可以藉由空间的游走或探索来取得,就等于把所有手机可以到达的地方变成名符其实的游乐场 ,让人跟空间的互动都过手机而更为丰富。 […]

  6. […] 有需要定位点的游戏像是 AR Defender,以及不需要定位点的 许多AR游戏 ,我比较有兴趣的是后者。如果虚拟宝物可以藉由空间的游走或探索来取得,就等于把所有手机可以到达的地方变成名符其实的游乐场 ,让人跟空间的互动都过手机而更为丰富。 […]

  7. […] 有需要定位点的游戏像是 AR Defender,以及不需要定位点的 许多AR游戏 ,我比较有兴趣的是后者。如果虚拟宝物可以藉由空间的游走或探索来取得,就等于把所有手机可以到达的地方变成名符其实的游乐场 ,让人跟空间的互动都过手机而更为丰富。 […]

  8. […] AR Defender,以及不需要定位点的 许多AR游戏 ,我比较有兴趣的是后者。如果虚拟宝物可以藉由空间的游走或探索来取得,就等于把所有手机可以到达的地方变成名符其实的游乐场 ,让人跟空间的互动都过手机而更为丰富。 […]

  9. […] 有需要定位点的游戏像是 AR Defender,以及不需要定位点的 许多AR游戏 ,我比较有兴趣的是后者。如果虚拟宝物可以藉由空间的游走或探索来取得,就等于把所有手机可以到达的地方变成名符其实的游乐场 ,让人跟空间的互动都过手机而更为丰富。 […]

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  14. […]   有需要定位点的游戏像是AR Defender,以及不需要定位点的许多AR游戏,我比较有兴趣的是后者。如果虚拟宝物可以藉由空间的游走或探索来取得,就等于把所有手机可以到达的地方变成名符其实的游乐场,让人跟空间的互动都过手机而更为丰富。 […]

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