Win $5000 developing a Junaio App

I’m usually not in the habit of posting press releases, but I imagine that some of our readers will find the next news byte from Metaio interesting:

Attention Developers: win $5,000!

With junaio’s open API, developers can create state of the art augmented reality applications. You don’t need any experience in programming for embedded systems. Challenge your imagination and contribute to junaio’s exciting world with AR Mashups, multiplayer games and scavenger hunts, interactive, indoor and outdoor exhibitions, tours with animated 3D characters or location independent gaming. All you need to do as a developer is to register for an API key and start challenging your creativity.

You can not only win $5,000 but we will also invite the winner to our metaio Technology Fair to visit with us and to attend the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich.

All you need to do:

  • Register as a developer here.
  • Become creative and set up your own channel before June 16, 2010
  • The 5 channels with the most subscribers on June 16 will be shortlisted and an independent jury will select a winner

If you enter the competition and like to have your layer channel published over here just leave a comment or tweet me @augmented.

2 Responses

  1. Good heads-up.
    Quite a nice promotion for Juniao too.
    Interesting the layer/channel terminology. I wonder what will win out. On one hand I like the idea of layers…as it implies you can have more the one at the same time. Its an easy to visualise analogy.
    On the other hand, Channels feels like IRC. Information streams people can login to. Which is something I also like.

  2. […] News – Double shot of Metaio here with the Junaio $5,000 app contest and Junaio 2.0 hitting the iPhone app […]

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