Gigaputt – Augmented Reality Golf

Make the world your golf course.

That’s the tagline of the new iPhone app Gigaputt from Gigantic Mechanic.  Instead of clubs, you swing your iPhone in a Wii-like manner (though the accuracy is no where near the same) and hit your ball.  Unlike most AR iPhone games, this one actually requires you to interact with your surroundings rather than just spin in place and hit random buttons.  I’m sure there’s some way to include drinks and bar hopping into the game for the adult readers of GA.

The game is also being featured in the Come Out and Play Festival 2010 in New York on June 14th.

One Response

  1. Nice stuff.
    Not quite my “global golf” idea, but getting there.

    Of course, for Wii-position you need to have actual gyroscopes on phones. I notice the API of Android supports them, but I don’t think any phones have them yet.
    Would certainly improve rotational precision of phones, but you’d still need to calibrate against something.

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