Special Message From Mark Billinghurst: Augmented Reality for Non-Programmers Just Got Easier

The HIT Lab NZ has just released a professional version of it’s popular BuildAR AR scene building tool. This allows non-programmers to easily build AR scenes. The professional version includes a number of new features such as support for audio and video, multiple objects on AR markers, 2D image and text loading, VR viewing mode, and much more.
The software is available as a free beta now, and then will be commercially available for a low cost from July onwards. It can be downloaded from: http://www.buildar.co.nz/
Using BuildAR Pro, compelling AR scenes can be build in just a few minutes.

4 Responses

  1. Pretty stupid to publish a news like this, without checking the facts..

    They haven’t released the Pro version yet – the free version that is out is the same, as has been out for several months..

    Nothing new here…

  2. Engberg:

    Before complaining about the facts you should read the post, follow the link and download the currently free beta. The information in the post is completely correct.

    The first version of BuildAR is, and has always been, free. It can also be downloaded off the site linked to in the post. The new Pro version is considerably updated and will be released as a commercial product soon. Until then, it is an open beta, and this is what is being announced.

    I don’t know why you are so upset about getting access to free stuff. :-)


  3. Well… I guess I got confused by the “Free Version” link on the frontpage of BuildAR.
    Just downloaded the BETA and it indeed is different.

  4. A mutual friend stated I really should come consider a seem at your site. Glad I clicked on the website link! I like how you actually focus and get for the bottom line but are you able to run by way of that final part again? Just a little?

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