Augmented Reality Farmville

Addicted to Farmville? Have a green thumb but no garden? Envy real farmers but got allergies?
The guys from TU Munich have the perfect solution for you:

Augmented Farmville could be one heck of a layer for Layar/Junaio/Wikitude once better positioning is available. Think of the gold rush to get a virtual plot in major cities, imagine Times Square as a flower bed! Using real meteorological data to those virtual farms would add another interesting and educational twist. It may be the most stupid idea I have ever featured in this blog, but then again, nobody would guess that a farm simulator will be one of the most successful games in 2010.

2 Responses

  1. Its not a stupid idea at all, could very well be crazy-successful.

    “Think of the gold rush to get a virtual plot in major cities”

    Is the only bit I would hope/pray against.
    Theres no need for 11 physical tieing when we can have many ar layers in the same place.
    Hopefully no one gets so silly as to suggest virtual co-ordinate rights :P

  2. directors ? Portugal ? list ? A ? is

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