A New Device for Augmented Reality Games Was Born

Finally, the iPod Touch has a camera!

Today, Steve Jobs announced at the Apple Music Event, the new incarnation of the legendary iPod product line.

One of my personal highlights was of course the new iteration of the iPod Touch. Faster (Apple A4 processors – like in the iPhone), with the new Game Center(iOS 4.1), the largest games market (1.5 billion games and apps have been downloaded to the Touch), and now – can do Augmented Reality.

Jobs bragged the iPod games outsells Nintendo DS and PSP games – combined!

There you have it – the perfect new platform for augmented reality games (as long as you have WIFI…)

5 Responses

  1. But ho so expensive…

  2. Glad to see it. iPad can’t be far behind. I bet next spring.

  3. They’ve left out the compass which is essential for current generation augmented reality apps and perhaps equally important in speeding up next generation vision based AR apps.

    The iPhone is the best AR platform out there but it’s sad how slow it’s being utilized to create a far better AR experience that it’s capable of.

  4. “Jobs bragged the iPod games outsells Nintendo DS and PSP games – combined!”

    And people playing Flash games beats all 3 combined.
    Hardly impressive. Cheap will always be played more then expensive, and free more then both.

    “They’ve left out the compass ”

    Does it at least have a gyroscope? (MEPs sensors alone can’t sense non-gravitational plane changes)

    In other news, I noticed wikipedia had a blury snapshot of the Nintendo 3DS with a marker AR demo;

    I wonder if any games company will combine 3d, AR and head-tracking on that device? You really give a “looking though a window” feel with all 3 at once.

    (and with both a front and back facing camera, that should be possible to do)

  5. “Jobs bragged the iPod games outsells Nintendo DS and PSP games – combined!”

    No shit, Jobs. It’s a phone, they’re casual games, and they sell for like $1.99… Compare that to DS and PSP games that are usually actual games that cost around $15-35 and you kind of see why.

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