Augmented Reality, Meet Kinect

I know that envy is allegedly a deadly sin. But, common, what a man supposed to do when witnessing Oliver Kreylos amazing work with a hacked Kinect. If you were living under a rock for the last couple of days, Kreylos is the guy behind the 1 million views strong video, showing 3d video capture with Kinect:

Watching it, one can not avoid thinking about long we have to wait before someone creates an augmented reality application using Kinect. The answer – not that long, apparently Kreylos already made a tech demo:

If you are the lucky owner of Kinect (damn you!), you might want to try and compile this project on your own. Sources can be found here. Now that we have a proof of concept, what application or game would you want to see augmented that way?

3 Responses

  1. Well, thats one way of solving the occlusion problem. :)

    As for what I want, 3d modeling apps composing of a few componants;
    *3D Stylus detection and positioning,
    *Interactive realtime modeling in 3D with said stylus, with my monitor giving me the feedback. The downside is this would be like working in a mirror, but its still probably going to be easier and quicker then traditional solutions, and when those HMD’s come down in price I can just slip them on.
    *3D Capture of a specified cubic volume. So I can draw a cube around a region of the real world and effectively take a point-cloud capture of it. (This might need two kinects or rotation to cover all angles)

  2. […] out the 3D reconstruction (another great feature for AR to reconstruct real rooms) that was already well documented by Rouli on Gamesalfresco. (Damn, I’m way behind by being a month offline! […]

  3. We all know the rhetoric by now. Only if theres a demand yada yada.

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