Weekly Consumer Linkfest Show

We have got plenty of augmented reality links this week, so enjoy the show:

Here’s yet another amazing AR project utilizing the power of Kinect’s sensor. Tobias Blum and Prof. Nassir Navab of TU Munich used a Kinect to overlay CT data on a person in real time, transforming a big screen into a magic mirror. It’s also a good party trick for Halloween. More info here.

Have an excellent week!

3 Responses

  1. Disappointing lack of reviews or hands on with the Raptyr :-/
    How can it win an award and then be hardly reported beyond one screenshot and a press release? :P

    I’m guessing they are using a LCD back to adjust opacity of light coming in.

    “AR Monopoly. Not Layar, the board game.”

    Although, in fairness to Layar, if they are becoming a monopoly its only due to being ahead and offering the most rather then locking people into their products. Its too early for anyone to be a real monopoly yet.

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  3. For the page describing the AR standards meeting, please visit


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