ISMAR 2009: Make the Best Augmented Reality App in Flash and Win a Prize!

ISMAR 2009 proudly announces the first Flash AR Contest sponsored by ARToolWorks. The contest is opened to anyone and is part of the inaugural Arts, Interactive Media and Humanities program for ISMAR 2009.

The best FLARToolKit submission wins $1000 USD.
(we know you’re in it just for the money)

Contest rules:

1. Develop a desktop-based AR application using FLARToolKit that can be run from a desktop PC (using no additional input devices other than a Camera, Keyboard,  and Mouse).

2. Should be relevant for any subject of Arts, interactive Media or Humanities at ISMAR 2009

3. Submit as a zip file and its originality, style and potentially will be judged by a panel of experts during ISMAR 2009.

4. All the applications will be demonstrated on the ISMAR 2009 website and will be made available during ISMAR 2009 for the attendees.

5. The winner will be announced and awarded at the ISMAR 2009 dinner.

6. At the end of the competition, a selected range of applications will be made available on the ARToolWorks website

Start working – competition entries are due by 5pm PST, Friday October 9th!

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