From Demos to Apps: The Augmented Reality Surge

The side bar on this blog has been getting much attention recently; I have been receiving emails such as: “Hey would add my name to the list of AR people (here’s my cv)?” and “When will we be featured on your demo list?” and “How about adding our organization…?”

The links categories have been defined last year and the Augmented Reality Demo section grew by far to be the most impressive.
But now AR is in a totally different place.
So without further ado – I am delighted to announce: today we are adding a new category to the sidebar: AR applications.

Demos are so 2008.

It’s mind blowing how AR applications have emerged from thin air into an impressive list in just a few months (OK, some are only in Beta). And I am not going to shock you by predicting that this list will only keep growing.

How many AR Apps will we have by the end of 2009?

And how many AR apps will we have by the end of 2010?
Take your bet!