Will The New Blackberry Storm Through the Augmented Reality World?

In our quest for a better augmented reality experience we keep evaluating new devices that could deliver a superior AR experience.

The new kid on the block that is attempting to take on the iPhone is Blackberry’s Storm.

It will be on sale starting tomorrow. Here is a collection of roundups.

Should it make the top 5 best AR device list?

To achieve that feat it first has to beat the iPhone. Its haptic capability (pressing a button on the touch screen feels like pressing a real button) won’t do it alone.

Well, the Storm has a better camera (3.2 MP vs. 2MP), a somewhat better screen (especially in sun light), and it records video. One could also expect a longer battery time.

On the down side: the user experience and the OS is reportedly not up to snuff with the iPhone (freezes, awkward user interface at times). Plus it’s missing WIFI support (what gives?), and it’s heavier (by 17%).

The verdict?

The Storm will have to prove itself in the market with adoption among users and developers before making the top 5 AR device list.