I want my iPhone augmented too!

The buzz continues.

As the coolest gadget around, the iphone is raising a lot of interest in the augmented reality community. This was once again confirmed in an interview with Stéphane Cocquereaumont, President and Lead developer at Int13, a mobile games developer:

“The iPhone is in fact our main target, the next demo we’ll publish will be on this device, this is probably the best device to do mobile AR today, even if its camera is far from perfect.”

Stéphane conversed with me following a post of Int13’s demo on the augmented reality games facebook group titled: “Augmented Reality on mobile devices that just works” 

He added:

“Our AR library should work easily on devices such as Intel’s MID [which is coming out this summer – games alfresco]…but we’re more interested in Smartphones…”

Games alfresco: How central do you see augmented reality in your company’s future?

Stéphane: “We plan to continue working on our AR technology and improve it, we’re especially interested in markerless tracking.”

And here is what I really liked in this interview:

“But our main objective is to create cool games and sell them”

Int13 is among the first pure game developers to dive into the AR space.

“if our current AR projects reveal themselves to be commercially successful then AR could become central for us.”

Cautious optimism, always a good trait for a game developer.

Thanks Stéphane and France from Int13 for sharing your experiences and plans!


Don’t you want your iPhone augmented too?

This just in: updates to "10 best AR devices…"

Hours following the publication of my latest post: “10 best AR Devices…” multiple announcements hit the air supporting my predictions:
1) Enkin: handheld navigation concept for Google Android phone
2) Apple’s patented head mounted display for iPhone
3) Gaming appearing recession proof, with close to a million handheld game devices sold in March 2008.