Metaio Releases Unifeye SDK

Metaio released their Unifeye Mobile Augmented Reality SDK at Mobile World Congress 2010.

The Unifeye® Mobile SDK is the world´s first and only software development kit for creating mobile augmented reality (AR) applications. The professional toolbox is supporting all major mobile platforms and features the latest image recognition technologies, 3D rendering for animations with real time interaction and optimized components for mobile hardware. With the Unifeye® Mobile SDK software it is possible to create fascinating marketing experiences, intuitive information design, mobile augmented reality games or innovative retail solutions. Based on the proven AR platform Unifeye® by metaio it is possible to easily develop and deploy solutions at the interface between the real and virtual world.

Having used their beta Unifeye software last year, I can attest to the ease of use.  However, I have not used their mobile software development version so there may be some differences.

Metaio at Mobile World Congress 2010

In addition to the other AR happenings at Mobile World Congress 2010, Metaio will be featured at “Creation Day” with Sony Ericsson.  They’ll be showing off their latest feature tracking technology on a new Sony Ericsson device.

Peter Meier, the CTO of Metaio, will also be giving a speech on Wednesday at 4pm within the session: “Mobile Innovation — A Vision of 2020.”  This session will:  “take a visionary look into the services and applications that mobile communication will provide in 10 years time and the impact they will have on the way we live and communicate in 2020. The latter half of this session will look at Augmented Reality.

Thanks Jan from Augmented Blog for the update.  He promises some exciting releases and a movie after MWC2010 has concluded.

And once again, we won’t be able to attend – so if you’re there – keep us updated about your experience.