Weekly Linkfest

I’m back! (but not for long, following the augmented reality event I’ll be mostly offline for three weeks). Speaking of augmented reality events, this week’s linkfest is full of talks from other events that took place recently:

This week’s video demonstrates cooking with AR, a video showcasing some of Yoo Kyoung Noh’s concepts presented in her Object 2.0 project – a concept proposal for the system of the near future, where the Internet is integrated into physical objects and spaces. Via Beyond The Beyond:

Have a great week!

Augmented Reality Highlights

What’s the common thing between Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah? Each of these holidays use lights to brighten the dark days of winter, whether they are electric or candle lights.
What’s the common thing between the following two videos? They both show augmented reality under extreme light conditions. They are also cool, so check them out.

First is this demo, showing a very realistic response to shining a real light on an augmented tire. Presented by Ludwig Fuchs, CEO of RTT, at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference a few months ago –

Just across the border from the German RTT is the Austrian Imagination, which uploaded the next video to Youtube. Showing robust markerless tracking in low light conditions, it’s really quite amazing. Near the end of the video I’ve lost track of the image, but their algorithm (working on a mobile phone, probably an Asus one), kept on going:

Pretty nifty, isn’t it?