Coca Cola Augments Our World at Super Bowl XLIII

Lenny Raymond just unveiled this  sneak peak of an augmented reality commercial by Coca Cola about to air tomorrow during  Super Bowl 43.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For Lenny this is a proof that augmented reality has made it to the mainstream:

If a Coke commercial during the Super bowl isn’t mainstream, I don’t know what is

For me, it’s mostly a source of inspiration: we are all getting lost in virtual worlds and we need something to help us rediscover reality.

In this case, a coke does the job…

I immediately added it to my AR commercial hall of fame: TV commercials that will inspire your next augmented reality experience

Now, who’s willing to bet on how many augmented reality commercials will air during the Super Bowl?

Hint: there will be at least two counting this one…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The results are in. How many augmented reality commercials apeared during Super Bowl XLIII?

A lot!

In addition to the 2 mentioned above, here are some more:

Bud Light Drinkability – Ski Lodge

…draw graffiti anywhere with your finger and change reality…

Bud Light Drinkability – Lime

…and why not a weather changing augmented reality app?

(Oh, that was already invented in Australia – see ISMAR demos and scroll to “the most down under demo”)

Coke – Heist

…sure smells augmented…

Pedigree – You should have a dog

…looks realistic but when you think about it – why not augment your pet to look like a Rhinoceros?