Metaio Offers Flash Forward for Lego Buyers

From Metaio‘s press release”

LEGO, the Danish toy manufacturer will test launch its “DIGITAL BOX” in selected toyshops and LEGO® stores worldwide. This interactive  terminal will utilize innovative technology supplied by Metaio in the form of a software  program specially-developed for the LEGO Group by the Munich-based experts in augmented reality solutions. Together with a camera and display screen, the software  lets LEGO packaging reveal its contents fully-assembled within live 3D animated scenes.


The press release continues:

The partnership between Metaio and one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world is a truly  major milestone in the history of the company.

Indeed, Lego is associated with playful, innovative toys and will certainly expose the concept of augmented reality to many kids around the world.

Kudos to Metaio for a great splash at the onset of the AR year.

Now who’s going to post the first video of this experience?

8 Responses

  1. My two favorate things combined!
    Brillent :P

    Actualy, it wouldnt take that much for them to expand this concept and even have AR instructions.
    They already use an official Lego-cad system to make those manuals, just supply a carboard marker and people could see it assembled like a AR slideshow.

  2. […] have covered the Digial Lego Box when it was fresh news – now see it in video (in German) on the Cebit […]

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