Gamaray’s AR Explorer is Online

Since one augmented reality framework per week is not enough, here comes another one for Google’s Android. While other Android AR applications provide information about landmarks seen through your mobile’s camera, Gamaray’s AR Explorer shows virtual 3d objects not seen with the naked eye. Obviously, the technology is in its infancy, and it’s quite a bold move on Gamaray’s part to release its application in such an early stage:

Right now, Gamaray is focusing on utilizing their framework for building multiplayer games, the first one being a tank combat game. Founder Clayton Lilly, admits that “For a while we thought of creating a more general purpose AR platform, but I’m concerned that Google may already be developing a first person AR viewer for KML data and 3D models”. I for one root for the smaller companies in this new ecosystem, so good luck guys!


4 Responses

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  2. looks like a solid start to me.

    “concerned that Google may already be developing a first person AR viewer for KML data and 3D models””

    I too thought KML is the perfect format for an augmented world…but I’m curious as to what other hints there are google is working on it.
    Certainly a big player like goolge would be most welcome, especialy as they have always been keen to support and create open standards.

  3. Very nice , great sharing.

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