Snowy Weekly Linkfest

Back. It seems that I escaped London on the very last minute before the airports closed down. Here’s a rundown of augmented reality links for the last couple of weeks:

  • PrimeSense, Willow Garage, and Side-Kick Games join hands to create to OpenNI an organization whose goal is to promote natural interaction. First step was releasing ‘official’ drivers for Kinect.
  • DanKam, an AR application for the color blind, is simple and brilliant in the same time, and at least according to my twitter feed, it actually works.
  • Here we go again. The Augmented Reality Summit to be held in London on June 16th is the first of 2011 crop of commercial AR events.
  • Metaio have some cool augmented magic tricks to celebrate Christmas.
  • Follow this link to see a video of bad acting and terrible music. Oh, and some clever eye tracking based augmented reality UI from Helsinki university of technology.
  • A nice piece on Neatorama, which went QR crazy lately, on surprising mediums for QR codes, including a sand castle and a M&Ms.

The biggest news these days is Word Lens. I’m sure you have all seen it already, and I plan to write full post on it next week, but for the oft chance you haven’t yet encountered it – it’s augmented reality based translation app for the iPhone. Or in other words, magic:

Have a great week, winter/summer solstice and merry Christmas!

One Response

  1. I’m from Spain and from my point of view Word Lens is really a hit! It’s incredibly useful for thousands of spanish-speaking people. Augmented reality, in this sense, can be the solution to the loss of languages across the world because of the increasing influence of the english language. Here in the European Union we have many problems with languages (one country one language), and this will be the magic solution.

    Only a point: “spanish” is spoken in many countries and there are differences between them. The next try for Word Lens would be to take in consideration those dialectical differences. Of course, the traduction services must be improved in the next years (the last try in the video in the english-spanish mode is incomprehensible!).

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