Cool Augmented Business Card from Toxin Labs

While the whole web is gushing over James Alliban‘s augmented business card, I find the next implementation even more exciting. Don’t get me wrong, Alliban’s card is cool, but this one is a bit more useful:

It was created by Jonas Jäger, and more importantly, he doesn’t plan to keep the technology to himself. Jäger plans to release a front-end application that will let you create your own “presentation” that will be displayed when your business card is flashed in front of a web camera. It uses a QR code to identify your card from others, and an AR marker to have FLARToolKit something to get a fix on. All in all, it answers Thomas Carpenter’s call to create a service for these kind of augmented business cards, and really looks good.

(Augmented Business Card at Toxin Labs)

5 Responses

  1. Outstanding find. :)

    And since its only in beta, it’ll give me time to think about — what do I want ON an AR business card.

  2. James uses traditional black-and-white ARToolKit markers on the card.

    Daniel Wagner’s approach, from a year or so ago, uses any image on a business card as the marker:

  3. It seems redundant to have both the QD codes and the marker itself….surely they can be combined?

  4. (it is a very cool looking and practical idea though)

  5. I was thinking about combining both markers as well. no luck yet. However, being an iphone user, I can’t fully test it .

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