Weekly Linkfest

Here are just some of the things that happened this week in the realm of Augmented Reality, which I didn’t have the time to write a whole post about. It’s going to be a long post, you may want to prepare a snack before you go ahead.

This week’s video comes from Metaio, which launched an ambitious initiative named “metaio World“. There haven’t given much information about it, but here’s a short quote –

You can view, create, upload, modify, navigate, share, rate or play games with real 3D content anywhere in the real world. Add your 3D and post interactive elements, your favourite photos, twitter messages or anything you can imagine.

An ambitious project deserves an ambitious video, but can they deliver?

Have a nice week!

4 Responses

  1. […] Rouli posted this one on his weekly linkfest, I thought it was important enough to make mention of it here as […]

  2. Metaio seems amazing ambitious indeed. Good luck to them!

    Gamaray looks great too.

  3. Metaio World looks like the AR app I’ve been waiting for. Hope they can deliver on their claims. If so, that might convince me to get a cell phone again. lol

    After checking out their website, and extended video, it’s pretty ambitious, but certainly do-able.

  4. Have you seen the web map interface for Wikitude.Me?
    Lets users post their own POIs to the world. Personally I like being able to access this from my PC.

    I’ve already started to label things around my home-towns. I wonder if anyone will find the POIs I placed in remote forests. lol

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