Weekly Linkfest

Oh, there’s just too much to write about this week.
In the mobile AR front:

  • Nokia’s researcher Kari Pulli gave a talk last week at the SDForum about Nokia’s take on mobile augmented reality (slides). In a nutshell, it should be based on image recognition and accessed using HMD. And here are some more details from the Nokia World event that took part this week.
  • buUuk is an AR browser-like application for Asia, Australia and the middle east. [via DMFO]
  • Discover Anywhere Mobile is a Canadian company set to provide AR application to help you ride North American public transit.
  • While Presselite which brought us Metro Paris has an application for Tokyo that looks much the same.
  • And GeoVector, one of the veteran players in the AR industry is going to release an application for Android named WorldSurfer. They accidently published a post about it in their corporate blog (dated for next week) and then deleted it. Luckily, there’s Google Cache.

In the world of novelty AR advertisement:

  • You can check whether the new Samsung LED television fits your living room (which is actually a bit handy).
  • ABC promotes their new thriller FlashForward.
  • I’m not into baseball, so there’s something about a Rawlings golden glove over here.
  • You can’t escape augmented reality even if you live in Vietnam, thanks to Coca Cola.

In other news:

This week’s video comes from Vodafone, which had a lightly augmented version of the game of tag in the Netherlands for the launch of the HTC magic. More details can be found here.

Have a nice week!

4 Responses

  1. That tag game looks fun.

    Nice to see Nokia looking into HMD solutions.
    I thought all phone company’s were scared of them.

  2. Yeah, they did a nice job of turning the smartphone into a laser tag game. I can tell when an AR application has hit the mark, because I’m not thinking about how it works, or analyzing the impact of it. Instead, I’m just thinking about how much fun it looks.

  3. Love these weekly round-ups, they are a real service to everyone watching this space. They opened up my eyes to how big all this already is. Thanks for publishing them.

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