Space Invaders in AR

Arcade Reality is a game, originally developed a couple of years ago for the Palm Treo, by Szymon Ulatowski, the man behind ToySpring, which has an interesting premise. For years, space invaders were slaughtered in video games by arcade dwellers around the world. Now, they stage their revenge in real world and the player must shoot them down via his/her mobile phone:

Recently Ulatowski has ported the game to the iPhone. While on the Treo it used some basic video registration to place the invaders around you, on the iPhone it takes advantage of the compass and accelerometer. Although it does make the alien spaceships a little wobbly, it still looks like the best game of its type currently available for the iPhone and a lot of fun:

It will cost you $3 on the appstore. More details can be found here.

3 Responses

  1. The Space Invaders in AR does’nt look so much AR to me.
    it’s looks like a 3d Space invaders and uses your camera picture only as background.
    it’s Reacting to the envirement only as an image
    and does not have any grasp of depth(from first look… i might be wrong.)

    is there any AR aplication today with that kind of depth grasp?

  2. @Yotam,
    You are right, Arcade Reality for the iPhone is far from “real” augmented reality, while on the Treo it only uses the phone’s video input for calibration. However, I’m not aware of any mobile, mass-market available game that actually has 3d scene recognition.

  3. If you think about it, its as much Augmented Reality as the sun-app further down.
    Neither really aligns to the environment, both are just angle based.
    Nevertheless, that dosnt mean you cant have useful or fun apps just on that. :)

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