ISMAR 2009: Tracking a City Model – Preview From Graz University

Only 1 week to go for ISMAR 2009, the world’s best Augmented Reality (AR) event.

Here is one more reason to go to the event.

This stunning “Jakomini” demo from Graz University – the masters of handheld Augmented Reality – shows a 3D city model being tracked on a “natural feature” surface (or in plain language – a regular bird’s view image of a city)


What handheld was used for this demo?

(My guess is it’s Nvidia’s Tegra)

What’s behind the mysterious Jakomini name?

(Jakomini is the 6th District of Graz and the most populous)

What’s hidden in Jakomini?

(I guess we’ll all find out during ISMAR…)

Need more reasons to come to ISMAR?

Check out these previews.

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