Weekly Linkfest

Too much links, too little time:

If you are wondering how come there’s not one link pointing to a new augmented reality browser, they had their day yesterday.

This week’s video is of an odd AR application for the iPhone, named Sun Seeker. Basically, it lets you see, overlaid on top of the real world, where the sun is, and where it’s going to be throughout the day and year. Pointless? Well, the video does present an interesting use-case when buying a new house. Learn more about it, here.

Have a great week!

One Response

  1. I love sun-seaker.
    Its great because it works perfectly even with current limitations….the suns position relative to you isnt going to change based on your position, only your angle. (well, ok, it could change based on your position, but only on very large scales ;) ).

    I can see future (far) future AR systems going one better though, and simulating shadows and such.
    Be wonderfull for architechs and city planners.

    You can see exactly how that skyscrapper wrecks the sunlight on the local park….

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