Weekly Linkfest

Here are some more augmented reality news stories that happened this week:

We are signing off this week with a new video out of TU Graz, showing adding annotations online to panoramas. I’ve written about it in more detail before, here, so we can just relax and enjoy the video this time:

Have a nice week!

3 Responses

  1. Hay, the more open source the better.
    It gives building blocks for others to work from :)

  2. About the 6th sense: Most people overlook that most of what is shown in this video is a concept and not really working as people think. E.g. the system is limited to detecting those colored markers (which is quite simple to do). It does NOT detect or recognize newspapers, wrists, flight tickets, people, etc.
    This is a very nice concept work, but not more. If one looks into the respective paper then one can clearly see that they don’t claim anymore than this. In fact it does not even run on the mobile phone (actually they never claimed that too). The video is quite misleading.
    About the WWSignpost: Unfortunately that video is a bit misleading too: This is an extension to our previous work (as has been reported here before). The main difference is that this system will work world wide by combining radio sensors (GPS and optionally compass) with image recognition whereas the previous work was limited to single panoramas.

  3. Thanks Daniel for enlightening us. The book recognition part of Sixth Sense seemed so realistic (with the delay till the results show up), and since some companies actually do such feats (e.g. snaptell), I actually thought it was real. :/

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