Amazing Mobile AR Videos from Graz

Daniel Wagner and our friends from Graz University of Technology bring us another set of amazing videos (previously). Nothing I can say can beat the following videos, so I’ll just shut up, and let you enjoy.

The tracking algorithm behind it is PatchTracker that will be featured in ISMAR09. As you can see in the videos, on an Asus P565 the algorithm achieves 30 frames per second. If that’s a sign of things we are going to see at ISMAR, we are going to have a great conference!

See the third video and find more details here.

4 Responses

  1. This is massively impressive stuff, but am I correct in saying this is only a partial solution?
    Seeing as it seems to be all from a fixed pivot-point, its not tracking position in 3 dimensions, but rather tracking angle ? So as far as 3d-overlays go, this wouldnt by itself be that helpfull.
    Maybe as a way to accurately supplement compass readings or eliminate the need for gravity-based tilt sensor use it could be usefull though.

  2. Pretty cool, should definitively be fused with the compass and implemented in all phone APIs for orientation only tracking. There is previous work in this area as well

    see Drift-Free Real-Time Sequential Mosaicing

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