In Germany they have Augmented Elections

Just a short video for this lazy Saturday afternoon. The German federal election are held tomorrow, and the voting form may be confusing for some. Luckily, augmented reality is here to help you do the right choice:

Sounds a bit illegal, though I can see parties using such application for a last minute self-advertisement. Unfortunately, no further details are provided.

4 Responses

  1. Mhmm… Interesting, but even in the HD mode it is not visible what the guy wants to choose :)
    Maybe a video by the German Pirate Party

  2. I bet its legal actually. Although I have no reason to believe this is also true in Germany, you can bring any information you want into a polling station in America. Is this really all that different that writing “angela merkel” on your hand so you remember which box to check?

    That said, this could be useful/used if HMD’s become ubiquitous. Imagine the candidates head, along with info on their party and major political stances, popping up on top of the ballot. May not be necessary for major candidates, but it could lead to more informed choices about all the minor offices no-one ever knows anything about.

  3. Cheating by bringing in extra materials would only be illegaly if we wernt allowed to choose by any method we wish anyway. (“hmz, that guys name is cool…”).

    AR to bring up extra data would be great, but it might be tricky get clear, unbiased, sources of information.
    How they plan to spend the budget, as a pie-chart, for example, would be nice.

    The only danger I see here is in the far future, when we all wear AR specs that are absolutely perfect.
    Then we could be tricked into ticking the wrong box, by a various that changes the text we see on voteing day.
    (“unaugmented eyes only” might have to be a rule in the polling bothes :P)

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