Weekly Linkfest

The last week of 2009 was quite a slow one, and having Thomas K. Carpenter join Games Alfresco, diminishes my list of resources even further. Nevertheless, here are some AR related news-bits that we haven’t covered this week:

Now, if I get it right, Soho is a men magazine from Colombia that employed AR to boost its sales. Which is one step closer to my prediction about Playboy getting augmented. (via Design Memo for Ourselves)

Have a great week!

3 Responses

  1. I’m really surprised that something like the Soho cover hasn’t come out sooner.

  2. Saw this Augmented Reality piece and thought it might interest you. Pink Visual Productions puts the pornstar in the room with you:


  3. Your posting is great! Exactly what i’m looking for since there is not complete example like this in grails manual.Thanks!

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