Another Spoke in the AR Hub

Hello!  Recently, Ori Inbar asked me to join forces with them at Games Alfresco to continue make it the premiere place to get your augmented reality news.  Having been a fan of the site since I became aware of the technology, I jumped at the chance.  If you’re familiar with my site The Future Digital Life, then you’ll know I help the AR community keep up with steady flow of news.  Given that there are now three of us behind the news desk, hopefully we can make sure that nothing goes unnoticed.  I still plan on maintaining my site, but that will be for non-AR related posts.  You can also find me on twitter – @thomaskcarpente

7 Responses

  1. Welcome on board Tom!
    We have been big fans of your blog as well and are now delighted to host your great content here.

    All the best!

  2. I look forward to seeing all my augmented reality news in one place! My browser automatically opened the big three every time it started anyway. (augmented times, the future digital life, games alfresco)

    Good Luck Tom. :)

  3. Welcome :)
    I look forward to commenting obsessively on your posts!

  4. Oh I also recently added to my browser startup tabs. Looks like a good site also. Some healthy competition can’t hurt :P

  5. @David
    I read Augmented Planet too. Lester does a good job over there.

    You’ve been rather quiet as of late. I assume you’ve been too busy with the AR wave, so i’ll take all the obsessive posting you’ve got. :)

    And thanks again, Ori. Though its a little weird being on the other side of the webpage.

  6. Yup, been a bit busy with that, currently working on learning c++/qt to assist in witting one of the clients.

    But dont worry I’m still reading everything :)

  7. […] Posted on January 3, 2010 by rouli The last week of 2009 was quite a slow one, and having Thomas K. Carpenter join Games Alfresco, diminishes my list of resources even further. Nevertheless, here are some AR related news-bits […]

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