Insights Into Augmented Reality from Total Immersion

Total Immersion leads the augmented reality industry in total projects (around 125 last year and they’re expecting over 250 in 2010.)  They’ve successfully created world-wide campaigns like Coke Zero and the Avatar i-Tag game line.  So when they talk about augmented reality, I want to make sure I’m taking notes.  Iriny Kuznetsova from 2Nova interviewed Nicolas Bapst about the company and their current activities.  The interview was short, but had a few interesting insights.

Total Immersion has done work for the military in creating augmented reality solutions that put simulated objects on the battlefield.  This is a much cheaper alternative to war-gaming with real equipment.  Hopefully this encourages the military to fund more see-through AR HMDs. 

Total Immersion expects that AR mobile marketing will be the new trend in the coming year and shows off a brief demonstration.  They’re converting their PC software to mobile to take advantage of the smartphone growth.  I found Nicolas’ observation about how augmented reality marketing applications give you direct access to your customers interesting.  By moving people from static newspapers to the computer (and especially the smartphone), then they can find out exactly who is interested in their product and then leverage social media to spread the word.  Nicolas explains they doubled time on websites by adding augmented reality content.  I’m curious if this increase will sustain as the novelty of augmented reality wears off. 

Nothing game breaking here, but worth a few minutes if you’re not familiar with the company.

3 Responses

  1. Definitely a company to admire.
    I think they will be a leading force in “useful AR” over the next decade too. There moves into mobile will be interesting.

  2. Hello Thomas,

    Just a quick info :
    This interview has been done in Nov 2009. So good figures are 125 for 2008 and more than 250 for 2009.

    Have a great day.

  3. Thanks for the update, Nicolas. What’s the number for 2010? 500+? :)

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